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42 inch LG 42PC1D Plasma TV, Review

42 inch LG 42PC1D Plasma TV, Review

42 inch LG 42PC1D Plasma TV


TrustedReviews has reviewed the LG 42PC1D – 42inch Plasma TV (rating: 8/10) and writes;
“If you’ve managed to squirrel away £1,000 for your next TV, you were probably thinking the best you’d be able to get with it would be a decent 32in LCD TV. Happily, LG has other ideas. For while most previous sub-£1k 42in TVs the market has seen have been more or less pants, LG’s 42PC1D looks great, performs decently, and offers features and connections galore. Looks like those lovely Koreans have rewritten the TV pricing rule book again…”

AVReview has the comparison of the LG 42PC1D – 42inch Plasma TV and and other 42? Plasma & LCD TV;
“TIt’s great to see, too, that the 42PC1D is largely immune to plasma’s common issues with fizzing noise over moving objects, and colour striping. But perhaps inevitably for £1500, we’re not talking perfection. The biggest problem is that high definition pictures look slightly softer and fuzzier than we know they can. But the set’s aggressive nature also tends to highlight such noise in a source as MPEG blocking from a digital broadcast or grain in HD stuff. The 42PC1D’s sound is, like its pictures, mostly good, but flawed. The good stuff concerns the impressive volumes achieved while keeping hold of surprising amounts of soundstage detail. The flaw is that there’s not quite enough bass to make action scenes entirely believable.”

CNET has reviewed the LG 42PC1D – 42inch Plasma TV (rating: 7.6/10) and writes;
“When it comes to the crunch of providing a good picture, this TV outperforms some costlier rivals. Feed it some hi-def video and you get a superb image, bursting with detail and colour and conspicuous by its low noise levels. Fast motion, such as you see with the frenetic swordplay and magic of Oblivion on the Xbox 360, doesn’t draw out any nasty judder or artefacts — and there’s plenty visible even in the darkest of dungeons, thanks to the TV’s fine black levels…Sound quality is decent, but nothing to write home about. Despite the inclusion of a SRS TXT virtual surround mode, we didn’t really notice any all-enveloping effects popping up behind us. “

T3has reviewed the LG 42PC1D – 42inch Plasma TV and writes;
“The picture quality is good: Hi-Def clips are bright, crisp and noise-free, Quake 4 zips along without motion judder and a test run of night-riding, Tom Cruise hitman flick Collateral demonstrates the LG’s mastery of black reproduction. It’s not quite as impressive all-round as the Panasonic TH-42PX60, which has a truly awe-inspiring contrast range, and the remote could be a little sleeker too. On the plus side, you get plenty of connections, including two HDMI inputs. It all adds up to a superb Hi-Def television for the price. “

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