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$135k Goldmund’s Eidos Reference Blue Blu-ray Player

$135k Goldmund’s Eidos Reference Blue Blu-ray Player. The next time you complain about the price of anything, just remember this, there is a Blu-ray player that costs $135k! If that is not crazy enough, then you also have to think that there is a market for people looking for $135k Blu-ray players.

Take a closer look at it. It is suspended in air by 4 springs. It was HAND MADE with 66 pounds of brass, aluminum and various electronics. It comes with it’s own custom table.

They are only making 50, so act now… then I am sure they will make another 50. Hello! They are selling for $135k. ( when they start to make 3D Blu-ray movies, will this be compatible? Me thinks not. That is in the near future. )

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