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Plasma TV Stand Buying Guide

Plasma TV Stand Buying Guide With the way our economy is looking these days, it’s important that we get our financial priorities straight, right? As crazy as it sounds, for many, a new plasma TV is one of those financial priorities! Sure, a plasma TV is a “luxury” item but with all TV going digital […]


The History of Plasma Big Screen TV’s

Many people think that Plasma Televisions were just invented a few years ago. It is true that Plasma TV’s were not mass produced until the late 1990’s, but it is kind of an old invention. It was invented in July 1964 @ the University of Illinois. Its inventors are professors Donald Bitzer and Gene Slottow, […]


How To Buy a Plasma Big Screen TV

How To Buy a Plasma Big Screen TV. I am going to write a series of directions on how to buy a Plasma Big Screen TV. this will be an exhaustive list. This will cover you from the beginning to the end. Where to buy your Plasma Big Screen TV to where to put your […]


CES2008: 1 Inch thin Plasma TV – Beautiful Pics!!!

Panasonic’s 1-Inch thin Plasma TV on display here at CES 2008. Look at the vibrant colors displayed vs. other LCD TVs! And did I mention it’s only 1 inch?  

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